Sunday, December 19, 2004

It is a mural but it is not art

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4:48 pm

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There was a mural found in Southern Iraq in the city of
Nasiriya by the United States Marines on or about
03/26/2003. It depicted a plane crashing into a building
complex not unlike the twin towers. The planes logo
resembled that of Iraqi Airlines. Another plane is also
seen in the back ground of the mural.........circiling inward.


It is a mural
But it is NOT art

It is the obsessive compulsive
Pictures of Saddam plastered all over the place
It is his stroking the hair of a kidnapped child
Like he is demonstrating some sort of grace

It was the election that was held
Where he won 100% of the vote
It is the medals of bravery for torturing
The right people worn on his coat

It is his sycophant staff
That fawns and kneels and constantly agrees
To keep their little bit more than the
Majority of the population driven to its knees

It is his father like son strategy
Of family love and home sweet home
The killing of his grandchildrens dad
The breaking of hearts and bones

It is the hospitals used to store RPGs
It is the schools used to store guns
It is the people shot in the back
When they try to escape try to run

There is no such thing as art
Without freedom courage and representation
And only co-operative phoneys get presented
In a repressive regressive situation

Art is a sacred trust and you don't
Give it away for fame and power
You don't do it to try to please somebody
Who's trying to make you cower

1:37 pm
transcribed this time
11:28 am

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