Saturday, December 11, 2004

Eel weasels and hounds

Eels weasels and hounds

All you salt peter arnett journalists
All you professors and teachers of shame
Who give aid and comfort to our enemy
We want everybody to know your names

All you moral relativism experts
Slidin around like eels
You got a whole other thing comin
Once we get you back on your heels

All you false comparison weasels
With your sneakin and squeekin around
Putin on your smug and uppity airs
You're nuthin but vain publicity hounds

All you intellectually dishonest hypocrits
Wishing harm on our fighting men
Hopin for a million mogadishus
Your world is going to come crashin in

All you De Genova degenerates
The bill is comin due
And there'll never be enough corners
To hid in

When the light comes shinin down on you

8:24 pm
No disparagement is meant whatsoever
Toward real eels weasels or hounds
transcribed this time
7:09 pm

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