Friday, December 10, 2004

For all the dedication and resolve

For all the dedication and resolve
That comes from out of a freedom loving heart

For all those that have been tortured
All those languishing in the prison cells
For all those slaughtered Kurds up north
For all those living in this mad mans hell

For the grandchildren whose grandfather
Was lured back into Iraq and killed
For all the starving people suffering
Around the luxurious palaces with their frills

For the unaccounted for anthrax
For the unmentioned unmanned flying drone
For the chemical weapons out there in the sand
For all those without hope who think they are alone

For the women who've been raped
To make their husbands talk
For those beggars who now crawl on the streets
Because they can no longer walk

For all the US pilots shot at
In the Southeran and Northeran no fly zones
For all the soldiers at the steady ready
We know you're there to help protect our home

3:15 am
transcribed this time
1:20 pm

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