Sunday, December 19, 2004

Vietnam Vets and Iraq

That's real big of you

Vietnam Veterans

And when the Spoiled and Soiled Brats say:

We blame the leaders...not the soldiers.

Just like we do now.


I say
That's real big of you

Are all soldiers just automatons

Just obeying orders as they
Carry out their consciousnessless deeds
Do you think that's what get's them through
Dancing with death risking being the one who bleeds

Do you think even a one of them
Believe in their family their duty this nation
Or are you kindly not blaming them as they
Walk lock step mindlessly through the situation

Do you think a squad of Marines
Might ever have honor cross their mind
As they get ready lock and load
And step up to the line

Do you wave off their participation
Generously with a wave of your hand
Do you sweepingly dismiss their responsibility
For being brave enough to take a stand

Are all soldiers in all armies the same
Are all just pawns on the board of life
Have you looked into the heart of anyone
Who's carried his nations issued gun and knife

Could there be the slightist possibility
This theory is to make it easier on you
Than it necessarily being about them
Or anything that they might do

Because then what would that say
What if they are not what you say they are
What if they're not robots or poor babies
What if it's you not measuring up to the bar

What if they are seperate individuals
Who have taken an oath to defend
What if they actually know this dangerous
World isn't all intellectual or pretend

What if they are brave and daring
Long suffering and pushin to follow through
What if they are honorable and just
Then what would that say

What would that say about you

10:41 pm
transcribed this time
11:35 am

It is a mural but it is not art

Open Letters
The series
Time/Date Stamp:
4:48 pm

Subject Matter:

There was a mural found in Southern Iraq in the city of
Nasiriya by the United States Marines on or about
03/26/2003. It depicted a plane crashing into a building
complex not unlike the twin towers. The planes logo
resembled that of Iraqi Airlines. Another plane is also
seen in the back ground of the mural.........circiling inward.


It is a mural
But it is NOT art

It is the obsessive compulsive
Pictures of Saddam plastered all over the place
It is his stroking the hair of a kidnapped child
Like he is demonstrating some sort of grace

It was the election that was held
Where he won 100% of the vote
It is the medals of bravery for torturing
The right people worn on his coat

It is his sycophant staff
That fawns and kneels and constantly agrees
To keep their little bit more than the
Majority of the population driven to its knees

It is his father like son strategy
Of family love and home sweet home
The killing of his grandchildrens dad
The breaking of hearts and bones

It is the hospitals used to store RPGs
It is the schools used to store guns
It is the people shot in the back
When they try to escape try to run

There is no such thing as art
Without freedom courage and representation
And only co-operative phoneys get presented
In a repressive regressive situation

Art is a sacred trust and you don't
Give it away for fame and power
You don't do it to try to please somebody
Who's trying to make you cower

1:37 pm
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11:28 am

And if you talk nice....bring'em on

And if you talk nice

Islamo-fundamentalist facists
Won't kill you in the street
Won't blow up a car next to you
Won't shoot you in a heart beat

Won't sneak across borders
To raise Jihadistic sadistic hell
Won't chant rant mumbo jumbo
To maintain their self imposed spell

Won't lie and cheat and decieve
Won't do anything to wear you down
Funny how they like to use blood red
When they go out to paint the town

Won't steal from oil for food
Like it ever belonged to anybody else
Won't pay some idiots family
Only after he's blown up himself

Psycho driven mullahas won't
Lamb blast their mouths off
Won't say your kindness is weakness
And mock openly with contempt and laugh

At the still whiney cry-baby types
Who blame the men who fight back
Who don't like words like -bring' em on-
When faced with an attack

Maybe when Marines charge
They can yell "We can work it out"
To show that they are sensitive
And know they should move with doubt

Maybe the Air Force could drop
Susan Saranwrap Movies
Maybe more visits from Sean Penn Head
Would make it all turn out groovey

Oh I know how about some music
Like some Ditzy Chicks showin how they care
They're supposidly into Country music
Syria is a country why don't they go there

10:51 am
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11:14 am


Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Monday evening

Monday evening
And into the night
We stood watch
For word of the fight

But we wanted our news straight
We wanted it solid truthful and sound
From those with heart and soul
From those with their ear to the ground


The Humvee runs
And the Bradley runs
And the Scout sniper teams
Getting the job done

In the brown rubble
Bouncing down the street
Sweat pouring down
From the Mid East Heat

It used to be patrols
And now it's this
It's the changing glove
But the same iron fist

Strong competant officers
Sturdy steadfast NCO's
Workin as a team
Damn well ready to roll

Every man workin
Stepping up to the line
Each doing what it takes
Because they're the adaptable kind

Words from the son to the father
And then the father to me
"No men I'd rather be with
No place else I'd rather be"

He obviously means what he says
And says what he means
He wears the Eagle Globe and Anchor
He is a United States Marine

11:18 pm
transcribed this time
2:27 pm


How did Saddam leave his hole

How did Saddam leave his hole

Did he go out in a fire fight
Did he go out in a blaze of Glory
No we went out like a bully
Who made himself the hero

In all of his own stories


Did he blow himself up
Like he asked others children to do
No he went out for a dental exam
And to get himself a bowl of stew

Did he go out in a battle
Of rockets bullets and guns
No he went out for a hair cut
And left that to his sons

Did he go down fighting
Even if it came to hand to hand
No he went out for a change of clothes
And an unrepentant man

Did he go out meeting his maker
Did he go out dust to dust
No he went out to say he was a ruler
Who was firm but just


Did he go out like his Armies
That he sent to their death
No he went out for some fresh air
And to catch his breath

Did he go out like the Kurds
He had Chemical Ali kill
No it seems he found himself
Another destiny to fulfill


Did he go out in a fire fight
Did he go out in a blaze of glory
No he went out like a bully
Who made himself the hero

In all of his own stories

5:16 pm
For everyman who ever served
And ever will
And all the people who loved them
And do still

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8:56 am

Saturday, December 11, 2004

At the bridge North of Fallujah

Dragging our dead soldiers
Through the streets....again

Mutilating their sacred bodies
Cheering at their death
It's time here to stop
And take a deliberate breath

There needs to be a press
Black out put on this killing town
Some people need to be dealt with
Some people need to be taken down

No more pictures on the mosque
Of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin
Nothing that ugly will stand
That filthy and obscene

There were pictures taken
Identify who was there
Create some new chest holes
For their lungs to suck in air

Round them all up
It’s time to get Medieval here
Let’s make things real simple
Let’s make them real clear

If you don’t like the approach
Of winning hearts and minds
Then you need to be introduced
To the killing kind

Some truths are hard
But that doesn’t make them lies
Some problems only end
When the problem makers die


Dragging our dead soldiers
Through the streets....again

Mutilating their sacred bodies
Cheering at their death
It's time here to stop
And take a deliberate breath

If they don’t like the approach
Of winning hearts and minds
Then they need to be introduced
To the hard fast efficient

Killing kind

9:56 am

Eel weasels and hounds

Eels weasels and hounds

All you salt peter arnett journalists
All you professors and teachers of shame
Who give aid and comfort to our enemy
We want everybody to know your names

All you moral relativism experts
Slidin around like eels
You got a whole other thing comin
Once we get you back on your heels

All you false comparison weasels
With your sneakin and squeekin around
Putin on your smug and uppity airs
You're nuthin but vain publicity hounds

All you intellectually dishonest hypocrits
Wishing harm on our fighting men
Hopin for a million mogadishus
Your world is going to come crashin in

All you De Genova degenerates
The bill is comin due
And there'll never be enough corners
To hid in

When the light comes shinin down on you

8:24 pm
No disparagement is meant whatsoever
Toward real eels weasels or hounds
transcribed this time
7:09 pm

Do not despair

Do not despair Hawk

Half their polls lie
And then they leave stuff out
Like what good is being done
And that's what this is about

As well as destroying the enemy
Idiots accuse others of being pawns
And then sit transfixed and watch
Dan Rather blather on and on

Keep writing your letters
Make your Senators aware
That we are keeping up
And we are very aware

Write letters to the editor
Don't let them get you down
Keep hangin in there
Keep workin your own home town

Send in a contribution to
English First or the NRA
Or some other group that helps
Volume up what you say

Go to Hollywood Half-Wits
Mock the twits for a while
It helps every now and then
To find your way to a smile

Post up articles on the fridge
That say it straight out and true
Know that you don't just talk
But you are one who will do

They want to wear you down
Their logic is too impaired to convince
They've got to try to numb you
They don't have any common sense

We knocked Danny Glover out
Everybody knows Moore is less
And tell me Al Wankin Frankin's head
Isn't an absolute mess

Keep up the spirits
Connect up with your own kind
Connect up with those who can see
Those of Body Spirit and Mind

3:07 pm
transcribed this time
7:06 pm

And when

And when you make yourself a terrorists
By direct action or enabling violence against
me or my people you have just stepped into the
"Theatre of Operations"


And I for one will kill you without hesitation
Without the slightest tinge of remorse
I will hunt down all such enemies of my country
I will root them out at their source

I will shoot them at long range
I will kick down their doors
I will throw grenades into their rooms
And blow their body parts all over the floor

I will lead them into ambushes
Just as the sun is going down
I will put my site picture on their chest
As I lay close to the ground

No mercy will I have
When the time and the place draw near
I will perform as I am trained
I will overcome all my fears

And call in their grid co-ordinates
To those up in the sky
I will protect my brothers around me
I will by my will make the enemy die

8:33 pm
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7:04 pm

On the Insane Brothers...Uday and Cusay

Better them

Than one more innocent person
At their hands
Than one more act of sadism
That nobody'll ever understand

Better them

Than one more child
Who had his future sold
For these two who wanted
Their faucets gold

Better them

Than one more
Humiliated and defiled
Than one more soul in prison
Without even a trial

Better them

Than one of our boys
Coming to any harm
Due to these guys workin
Their sick manipulative charms

Better them

Than one other person
Drawin in a breath on earth
Who is trying to contribute
Something of any worth

2:12 pm
transcribed this time
7:01 pm

Friday, December 10, 2004

For all the dedication and resolve

For all the dedication and resolve
That comes from out of a freedom loving heart

For all those that have been tortured
All those languishing in the prison cells
For all those slaughtered Kurds up north
For all those living in this mad mans hell

For the grandchildren whose grandfather
Was lured back into Iraq and killed
For all the starving people suffering
Around the luxurious palaces with their frills

For the unaccounted for anthrax
For the unmentioned unmanned flying drone
For the chemical weapons out there in the sand
For all those without hope who think they are alone

For the women who've been raped
To make their husbands talk
For those beggars who now crawl on the streets
Because they can no longer walk

For all the US pilots shot at
In the Southeran and Northeran no fly zones
For all the soldiers at the steady ready
We know you're there to help protect our home

3:15 am
transcribed this time
1:20 pm