Saturday, December 11, 2004

Do not despair

Do not despair Hawk

Half their polls lie
And then they leave stuff out
Like what good is being done
And that's what this is about

As well as destroying the enemy
Idiots accuse others of being pawns
And then sit transfixed and watch
Dan Rather blather on and on

Keep writing your letters
Make your Senators aware
That we are keeping up
And we are very aware

Write letters to the editor
Don't let them get you down
Keep hangin in there
Keep workin your own home town

Send in a contribution to
English First or the NRA
Or some other group that helps
Volume up what you say

Go to Hollywood Half-Wits
Mock the twits for a while
It helps every now and then
To find your way to a smile

Post up articles on the fridge
That say it straight out and true
Know that you don't just talk
But you are one who will do

They want to wear you down
Their logic is too impaired to convince
They've got to try to numb you
They don't have any common sense

We knocked Danny Glover out
Everybody knows Moore is less
And tell me Al Wankin Frankin's head
Isn't an absolute mess

Keep up the spirits
Connect up with your own kind
Connect up with those who can see
Those of Body Spirit and Mind

3:07 pm
transcribed this time
7:06 pm

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