Saturday, December 11, 2004

And when

And when you make yourself a terrorists
By direct action or enabling violence against
me or my people you have just stepped into the
"Theatre of Operations"


And I for one will kill you without hesitation
Without the slightest tinge of remorse
I will hunt down all such enemies of my country
I will root them out at their source

I will shoot them at long range
I will kick down their doors
I will throw grenades into their rooms
And blow their body parts all over the floor

I will lead them into ambushes
Just as the sun is going down
I will put my site picture on their chest
As I lay close to the ground

No mercy will I have
When the time and the place draw near
I will perform as I am trained
I will overcome all my fears

And call in their grid co-ordinates
To those up in the sky
I will protect my brothers around me
I will by my will make the enemy die

8:33 pm
transcribed this time
7:04 pm

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