Sunday, December 19, 2004

And if you talk nice....bring'em on

And if you talk nice

Islamo-fundamentalist facists
Won't kill you in the street
Won't blow up a car next to you
Won't shoot you in a heart beat

Won't sneak across borders
To raise Jihadistic sadistic hell
Won't chant rant mumbo jumbo
To maintain their self imposed spell

Won't lie and cheat and decieve
Won't do anything to wear you down
Funny how they like to use blood red
When they go out to paint the town

Won't steal from oil for food
Like it ever belonged to anybody else
Won't pay some idiots family
Only after he's blown up himself

Psycho driven mullahas won't
Lamb blast their mouths off
Won't say your kindness is weakness
And mock openly with contempt and laugh

At the still whiney cry-baby types
Who blame the men who fight back
Who don't like words like -bring' em on-
When faced with an attack

Maybe when Marines charge
They can yell "We can work it out"
To show that they are sensitive
And know they should move with doubt

Maybe the Air Force could drop
Susan Saranwrap Movies
Maybe more visits from Sean Penn Head
Would make it all turn out groovey

Oh I know how about some music
Like some Ditzy Chicks showin how they care
They're supposidly into Country music
Syria is a country why don't they go there

10:51 am
transcribed this time
11:14 am


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