Monday, February 07, 2005

Let us speak of the bravery

Let us speak of the bravery

Of the young men
Over there is the dirt brown streets
Who go out to face the dangers
Of every stranger they passingly meet

Let us speak of the sacrifice

Of what it means
To go searching from room to room
Whether it be beneath a blazing sky
Or the dark of night without a moon

Let us speak of their contributions

Their sweat adrenaline and drive
Their moving together as a team
Let us remember their families
Their love and courage to

Dare to dream


Let us never forget the dead

The wounded and the achingly tired
For this is not some silly game
There is truly glory in their story
But it does not come without

The cost of pain


Let us follow through
On their welfare and well being
Let us welcome them home this time
Let us let it be our hearts they are seeing

8:21 pm

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