Saturday, February 05, 2005

Do not

Do not put my younger brothers

Lives on the line
With an endless diplomatic dance
Do not waltz with insincerity
To the tune being played by France

Do not wait till the heat
Plays into this deadly scene
While some obstructionist claims
To not know what something means

Do not wear our soldiers down
With recreated Paris Peace talks
And petty arguing about how long
To take meanderingly meanless walks

Do not put them in harms way
And leave them hanging there
Because somebody needs a croissant
Or he's not being treated fair

Do not let one good mans life
Be needlessly taken away
Tryin to please somebody
Who doesn't seem to care anyway

Do not let strong momentum
Be ground to a halt
By those who love to bicker
And pick at who's at fault

To get what they want
Or to hide what they did
Not everything is an auction block

Our warriors souls are not....up for bid

11:25 pm
transcribed this time
1:05 pm
Obviously by this time line
you can see this was written before
the greatist armoured advance in
the history of modern warfare
and those amazingly courageous
and inspirational "Thunder Runs".

And oh yeah that food for oil scandal thing.
Now but only the willful fools know why all the stall.


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